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Balbo flowerbed: another planted with trees square that became subterranean parking...

Once, as in the tales, it was a garden-square, now it is like this.
Aiuola parcheggio01

...this square too was planted with trees and it was a public garden, then it became a parking but trees an flowerbeds were still there.

Today it is a nice modern work(so to say): a few trees with a little earth, similar to hanging micro-gardens, but the trees soon dried and artificial grass was added... A "hut" in the middle of the square(or to say it better in the center of cement - beds and grilles. A macroscopic "impact" with baroque buildings (but we know that modern baroque harmonizes well with all this).

A  delicious entrance of the parking in theme with the nearby palace. :(

Parcheggio entrata

Rightly a few steps from the zoological and anthropological museum.




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The palace of the museum:   antro witha view of the flower-bed.
Palazzo del museo
Suggestion of the hut with glasses.
Altro lato


Another perspective detail with walls good for "graffiti".. ai


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This view too is not bad as bad taste...
Seconda entrata
Surely very rare this flower-bed of cement (if we can still call it so) , grilles and car-entrances big as a supermarket, with hut,glass-walls and shaped as "donkey-back"...
..or catchment - basin (to be more correct).
We always thought that subterranean parkings had a minimum ambient-impact. We have here.instead,a clear example of the contrary.