MODERN ART OF TORINO Modern art in Torino

I foresay that there are new modern artistic works in progress.

Artists "talk" with us by their works, sensibility and creativity. In these pages i'll not comment on the articles and,when possible,i'll insert some comments of art-critics. My very personal comments will be added in current paragraphs.

Map with projects and works already finished.

Opere Moderne

Let's see the new artistic work opened in 2005.

Arte Moderna02

Some citizens talk about a "gigantic Vespasian" others admire it.. So the newspapers repoMany are the comments to this recently opened work. rt awkward and contrasting opinions. Some mention modern and wellknown painters as example to follow and to understand. ...but personally I think that the reason that pushed this artist to make this work is still unknown to most of people,included art critics.

Per Kirkeby is an artist who,as many his colleagues has a not a common sensibility: he gave us an artistic MONUMENT. He has made a monument to all those ancient walls,of roman, ante roman and sabauda epoch,that have been nowadays demolished to build car-parkings and works of uncertain or low utility.

So the squared columns of bricks represent very well those ancient walls made usually with full bricks,with a similar structure of squared columns and linearity of the walls. Also the underlaying pavement remembers us the ancient ones. As the ancient monuments and ruins, this work of art,"simulacrum of the past" is illuminated too,like an ancient castle, forgotten and destroied by the superficiality of the modern man.



Article from the newspaper "La Stampa" reporting remarks.

Commenti del giornale

Another by critics and citizens talked over work of art.


Merz's Igloo with comments and suggested transformations.

Igloo di Metz


Interesting discussion.

But will the art critics be right?

Or the complaining citizens?

I modestly think that they both may be right, or be both wrong in their statements.

Unfortunately a personal point of view makes people do wrong:

to someone art must be synonym of beauty and so a work that goes against this principle couldn't be anymore called artwork,causing a sort of negative emotion.

To others the canon of beauty submits to different meanings, quite obscure to common man. For example it's of no importance to the man in the street that Merz's Igloo is built on a Fibonacci's spiral. But does someone ask to himself what the artist is going to say with his work?

Do we ask ourselves what message is delivered by the work of art?

I can't find in any newspaper nor in any public comment such a question.It's neverthless essential that anyone may understand the real meaning hidden in a work of art not consacrated to beauty or to a pure aesthetical sense. Only two may the reasons be for.

1) Or critics do not intend to reveal a probably embarassing message.

2) Or they don't understand it too.

I think that the first supposition is the most logic and probable.

Perhaps Merz's Igloo isn't a real igloo but a world (Earth), that is the civilisation on the biological evolution built (Fibonacci's spiral).In this work of art,the World falled down in the muddy water of a marsh. Half of the world's civilisation is gone to pieces but technology goes on in lighting this half world up( neon lights), and scrap iron (twisted tubes) goes on in feeding with water-spouts( energy and water supplies) this small half destroied world.

This reading is surely less pleasant to anyone but it probably fits well to artist's true message,sensible to present day's problems.

Merz's Igloo

Igloo di Merz

Giuseppe Penone

Giuseppe Penone's work, instead, seems to be muted having nearly no echo on newspapers.

Perhaps it's a less impact work, and too relaxing just as an ancient garden (favourite artist's theme).

Aspect of Giuseppe Penone's work.

Giardino Penone

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