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Villa Genero

Going beyond Villa della Regina (Queen's Villa)and on to the hilly road you find Villa Genero Park. The entrance is open to the public and you can drive through the avenue with authorized cars: it's Innocenzo Contini Avenue.

The entrance, open to public, is clean and proper.
You can walk in the avenue or follow secondary alleys and short cuts, until you arrive to a small temple in Massonic style with a particular and symbolic architecture...
But here is what we can see today: a small temple falling in pieces with warning notices about the danger of collapse!

....side of the small temple at the top of the park.

Lato del tempietto

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In front of the small temple there is a wide yard with a drinkable water fountain.
Fifteen years ago the small temple had already walled up entrances and at the two sides of the entrance on the yard there were two Sphinx: one with white painted face and the other with a dark face already injured by vandalic acts.
Front of the small temple sometimes ago.
Facciata sul cortile
Although the small temple was a common good,also intended to the public,any thing has been for decenniums left in the most carelessness.
The small temple as it is now.
Facciata oggi
Nowaday also forest trees grow between the walls and the collapsed roof.


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Mercurio's obelisk in the gardens...
A small obelisk, 6-7 meters high, was surmounted, twenty years ago, by a bronze statue with the Caduceus and at the sides there were bronze, symbolic ornaments.
...who knows,perhaps the God was bored to stand still there on the obelisk... probably he flew away with his winged sandals...
The obelisk with Mercurio... sometimes ago...
Other statues corroded by time and carelessness.
Statue degradate


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Lion's statue. You can see the passage of lead tubes of water-works,no more in use.
Cast-iron fountain: it resisted to vandalic acts...but not to writings..

Also this evocative corner of the town leaves us a bit perplexed...