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Another finding from the diggings near to the Porte Palatine.

These recently started diggings have brought to the light another little mistery. There seems to be a not better identified medieval ( or antecedent) fortress with its own water tank. This tank makes the journalist who wrote the inserted article day-wonder.

Experts don't seem to know that the walls of the fortified town had satellitar fortresses all around.

There were several of them,widely documented in certain historical books(by now covered with dust in the Sabauda or National library).

We also know that similar fortresses were used, in time of peace, as farmstead or convent. Those buildings existed not only in Sabauda epoch but in much more ancient epochs too. We wouldn't get attonished if under the now found walls, other walls were found...

...let's only hope that they weren't of pre-roman epoch since, if so, the legend of the"Celtic Village" would collapse.

Article from the news paper "La Stampa".


I don't want to add more comments. Rightly, bad informed students, by contemporaneus, or of the last century, historical writers, get a little bit perplexed facing these recent findings. But I am sure that sooner or later, they will understand and they will rewrite the "incomplete parts" of the history of Torino....miracle of the new millenium!

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Porte Palatine. 25 - 01 - 2005
Porte Palatine

Sight of Porte Palatine from inside of the walls (center town).

We also see the statues of Cesare Augusto...pity that the originals are today in Rome (present of the commune after the unification of Italy).

Strange, usually Rome never failed in statues...

Statue of Augusto.


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Recent diggings just out of the walls.
Diggings, another particular.


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Local walls and tank, perhaps there is also a well for water-needs during the siege.




Particular of the digging with gallery.

Altro scavo
                    accanto al teatro romano

Diggings, another point of view.

In these pictures, an other smaller digging nearby the Roman Theatre and the Dome. An evident gallery, damaged by the diggings


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Digging seen from the opposite direction.

Scavo piccolo

Note that the gallery points in direction of Porte Palatine. The starting and the ending point are surely already known.

Who knows if the normal citizens too will be informed of this..



Roman Theatre and Dome with Bell-Tower.

Teatro romano.

But beyond my suppositions, be you the judges of the pictures.



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