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Solferino square and Angelica fountain.

One of the most beautiful squares of Torino(...once).

Piazza Solferino invernale

...so appeared the square not long ago.

Divided in two wide spaces, surrounded by trees,in the center the equestrian statue of the picture, at the sides streets closed the square planted with trees. A nice square in pure Barocco style; on the side toward the center of the town,

The Angelica Fountain.

Fontana Angelica

Fontana Angelica seen from a side.

Fontana Angelica


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Front sight of the Fountain.

Fontana Angelica

Winter suggestion of Angelica Fountain.

Fontana Angelica


Streams of sprouting water and ice.

Fontana Angelica

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Before of seeing what present time reserves us,let's read these "cartigli"...


Nowadays we can read these cartigli about the structure that protects the fountain...

The beginning of the first cartiglio is promising.... are things really like that?
Surely the one who wrote this referred to the past...
But by this time the third millenium has started: so we need a modernisation..

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Architect Giugiaro has affirmed the architectonical validity of his modern work;surely his project is a first rate work...but the commune of Torino had the bad idea to place the Atrium in the middle of a BAROQUE center!

The same Giugiaro has publically criticized the chose of the site...

but this seemed to be the only(!!!)solution since the proximity to the Town-center.

The square today...


I add a pair of pictures, once on the net, that showed the disagreement of the citizens, one expecially has a comment (not by me).

Small poster of protest.

Angelica commentata

This is one of the pictures tooken before of the covering of the fountain.

Particolare fontana

But let's see some more, very recent ones.


At the center of the square, a very modern baroque track (a new style).

Centro piazza

Modern-baroque style is a delicate one and that does not bind(piemontese idiomatic joke)...

Centro piazza02

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An other dreary vision of Atrium,modern work closed between trees and advertising posters. The square disappeared and the modern lines of Atrium don't show what they really are...


Secular trees with big part of the roots cut away to give place to the foundations of the Atrium..


Here is what we can read on the sites of the commune of Torino:


Two big informative places in the heart of the City

If you are interested to find out how Torino and its territory are getting ready to afford the Olympic adventure and if you are curious about the infrastructural transformations that take place in the piemontese chief-town,

welcome to the Atrium-Torino.

Two informative twin spaces prepared inside of structures in wood, glazed steel and crystal, realized on a project of Giugiaro Architettura; Archiland Studio cured the internal preparing and the expositive project.

A couple of big pavillons,more than two thousand square meters of expositive area distributed on more floors,in the gardens of the very central Solferino Square, a few ten meters from Alfieri Theater and near to the Angelica Fountain, the work of the sculptor Riva, considered as one of the "Magic Doors" of the town.

The first pavillon,Atrium Cittą, inlustrates through real plastic models and virtual ones, lightsand scenographies, films, photographs, informatic tecnologies, the projects of Torino renewing and changing its own urbanistic good order (more than two millions and a half the square meters of the areas in transformation with investments for nearly two milliards of euro)...(omissis)...

Well spent money!! True??

The "Magic Doors" don't seem to work so well..


Will the squares of the future be all so?


The only corner of square let free..


But today we are pleased with these nice posters that point to a Phantastic Fountain.


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